Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Joys of Body Glide

I remember thinking at my first 5K--watching some serious runners lather on the body glide, that I would NEVER use that stuff.

All it took was for me to experience the extreme discomfort of chafing after a run, and I was seeking this stuff out. Body Glide--It comes in a deodorant-like stick and you just swipe it across your skin in places that you want to avoid chafing. Some of the worst places for me have been around my arm where my arm band for my iPod sits, the band from my sports bra, under my arms where a tank top has rubbed, my thighs--from my shorts. All of these areas can be very painful and usually you don't realize your skin has been rubbed raw until you get in the shower after a long run--then OUCH!

I typically use body glide on any run that is 5 miles or longer...if it's hot out and I know I'm going to sweat more I used it for shorter distances too.

You can get body glide at just about any sporting goods store. I spent about $6 for mine and still haven't used even half of it. It's worth the investment!

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